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hey guys! my name is drew. i was previously crownist (i was hacked and deleted a few hours ago) i am checking out all new followers and following ones i like. it would mean a lot if you could just check out my blog as i worked very hard on my other blog. if you’d like, you can message me here to check out your blog. thank you for reading this, i love you xxx
diary #15: April 21, 2014

Today was the start of a new week. Monday. Although I do grieve on this day, I seemed to have enjoyed it. School went by so quickly. All the work and nasty jokes shared from my friends, as well as my teachers, vanished away into just memories. I would say that this Monday are one of those Mondays that actually went pretty well. Basically, today has been a productive day. I didn’t procrastinate (which is a miracle) and I feel really proud about that. There was also this guy who was hitting on me, which was both pretty amusing and awkward at the same time just looking at his struggles to flirt. All in all, this day went by quickly, yet it was quite enjoyable. 



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